50 Hertz

Drone - Ambiant
Ceramics Experimental music

2019 - 2020


LIVES : Fondation L'Abri Genève, Duplex  Genève, Théâtre des Nouvelles Générations Lyon, soon in Paris

50 Hertz is a drone music performance played with a ceramic set and neon tubes amplified with effects. Ceramics are wet instruments that produce infra-low frequencies sprinkled by electrical abrasions. They define an obscure sound and visual atmosphere.

The installation is entirely analog and reacts to the human body’s conductivity. The performance is a succession of contacts and body movements around the ceramics. 

The insulating and conductive properties of glazes and clays used for the shaping of the instruments give a raw sound. This material is modeled by the gestures of the artist who composes an original sound piece.

Thus, the choice of the ceramic ensemble allows
to obtain each time a new scenic configuration, since each ceramic piece possesses its own sounds and gestures repertoire.


The ceramics were produced during the CERCCO residency 2019 - 2020 – the Experimentation and Research Centre for Contemporary Ceramics of the Geneva University of Art and Design.

50 Hertz has also been selected to be developed during the Fondation l’Abri residency 2020 - 2021.


Solo project developed in collaboration with

  • Ensemble Vortex in Geneva,

  • CERCCO - Experimentation and Research Centre for Contemporary Ceramics, Geneva,

  • LIPS laboratory in experimental musique and scenography in Lyon,

  • Residency 2020-2021 at Fondation l'Abri, Geneva.


Supported by ProHelvetia and GRAME -National musical center of Lyon.


Fondation l'Abri 


Ceramic setup : ​

  • ​Dôme

  • Palladium 2

  • Phenix

  • Palladium 1

Composition musicale développée pour et avec L'Ensemble Vortex.

Jonas Grenier - Violon

Jocelyne Rudasigwa - Contrebasse

Maximilien Dazas - Percussions

Photographies © Carlos Corrales




Ceramic setup :

  • Pavé

  • ​Dôme

  • Palladium 2

  • Phenix