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Salômé Guillemin-Poeuf is a French designer and artist based in Geneva.


Through a multidisciplinary practice, she creates installations, drone and noise music performances, instruments and scenography to explore the creative potential of certain spaces and objects to make us rethink communication and produce imaginary worlds.

Her work has been presented in various venues and events such as La Bâtie - Festival de Genève, Festival Archipel (Geneva), Cave12 (Geneva), La Cambre (Brussels), the ECART network (European Ceramic Art & Research Team), ADC (Geneva), l'Abri (Geneva), Festival Akouphene (Geneva), Triennale Internationale de Design et d'innovation sociale de Liège, C'est déjà demain (Geneva), Neuchâtel International Fantastique Film Festival, etc.

The research carried out during her diploma led her to develop the drone music performance
50 Hertz, notably at CERCCO (Centre d'Expérimentation et de Réalisation en Céramique COntemporaine) and at l'Abri Genève.

In 2023, an international tour is planned.

As a graphic designer, her profession also accompanies her practice in addition to the local and international mandates she carries out.

2017 HEAD - Masters degree in Design, Space and Communication Geneva (Switzerland)

2015 ESAM - Bachelors degree, Graphic Design - Caen (France)

Clients & partners
Cave12 (GE)
L'Abri (GE)
La Bâtie Festival de Genève
Festival Archipel (GE)
European Ceramic Art & Research Team, ECART
Centre d’Expérimentation et de Réalisation en Céramique COntemporaine (GE)
La Cambre (BE)
HEAD - Genève
les ateliers Decoster/Atoma (BE)
Pavillon ADC (GE)
Duplex Walden (GE)
Théâtre de Marionnette de Genève
Théâtre de Montreux
Studio WonderVision (FR/GE)
UN Migrations
Ensemble Contrechamps (GE)
Ensemble Vide (GE)
Ensembles Vortex et WeSpoke (GE)
CERN Cineglobe (GE)
Association 13 Décembre (GE)
Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (NE)
Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano (IT)
Centre national de création musicale - GRAME (FR)

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